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The time has come....muchas gracias.

Next week I'll be graduating college and I honestly can't believe it! I've waited a long three years for this journey and it's only 10 days away. They say that there is always a reason of why God does certain things. In my case it was graduation, I had planned to finish my college journey with in the two years after attending UCO. The time has finally made it's way and I'm more than excited to be receiving my bachelor's degree in less then two weeks.

Three years ago when I was exactly two weeks away from graduation, I was beyond scared to face the real world. I was about to receive my associates and I still didn't have a job lined up to pay off all the hard work I had put in. I was actually in the process of moving and didn't have any idea where I would be living or working when the following semester was to come. I had been so excited for graduation but I wasn't emotionally ready because that is what I had known for the past three years of my l…

Don't Confuse It

It's been three years that I moved away from home and throughout those years I have remain in touch with only a few people. It's not that I ever thought that I was better than anyone, never that and may God help me not ever think like that. But more like some of those individuals were not helping me get to the next level. Yes, we all have those individuals that say they are friends but in all reality when it comes to those situations that you need a lifting hand....they disappear. My padre always told me that we don't have friends in this life. And as time goes by I believe it more and more. For most of my life I have been a 'loner' and I enjoy it. I just think that life is too short to  be waiting around for people, if people want to be in your life they will make time to for you. I understand we have to work but a simple phone call or text message letting a love one know that you are thoight about them is even great. We only spend most of our time on a iPhones a…

39 Days Till...

I'm 39 days away from graduation and I really can't seem to believe it. I guess because I was informed twice in the past that I would graduate and things didn't go that way. I remember sitting in the advisor's office and the lady informed me that I would graduate December 2016. I sat there and refused to accept that response because I didn't plan on attending college one whole extra year. Well let's just say that God had the final answer and the following semesters I had to pause my education due to financial problems. People asked why not take out loans? I told myself that I would work multiple jobs so I wouldn't have to take out any loans to pay off school. And that is clearly what I have been doing. I will also say that the help of scholarships and financial aid have been a blessing. I want to make it clear that my parents have NEVER helped me pay for my education. Yes, they are proud that I have chosen to attend college but doesn't mean that they ha…

Too fluffy for a piercing

I usually seem to do some random shit at times, it's not a every day type of thing.....maybe every blue moon. Well a few nights ago I got off early and made my way home,  as I arrived I noticed that no one seemed to be home so I decided that I would make me some dinner and watch my telenovela. Then I realized that it was finished and I had already seen the finale so a random thought came to my mind. How about that piercing? And that is what happened I drove down to the place that I had done multiple research about I thought about the piercing that was about to take place. Una locura que solamente se me occure. I will say that I was nervous but I wasn't going to let that change my mind. This was probably my second time in a tattoo/piercing shop and let's just say I felt like a piece of meat for the group of workers there....just the way they all stared as I walked in. I decided that I would go ahead and get two piercing my main one was my navel and the second opti…


She knows that everything she touches will get corrupted but yet she gives to flying f***s about it. She says that she is lonely but who are those that listen to her when she's down, who are those that want her to succeed, who are those that push her day in and out. Are those individuals not counted for? She's says that life is unfair but yet she has a family, food and shelter. The thing is that we get caught up in the society and become ungrateful. How could you say that life is unfair when you are capable of you taking your own actions. You are able to succeed as much as anyone else around you. The thing is that you just don't want it enough to actually have it.


For some reason I just wanted to type so here I am. . . I didn't even think about what I would write about today but I figured I would surprise myself. I'd say the public but I know many people won't read this so whatever. As I sit here thinking about random thoughts that come to my mind...weight seems to repeat in my mind.

When I was in high school I was about 5'5 and weighed 215 lbs. never did I feel like I was BIG... As the years went by the weight stayed balanced. It wasn't until summer 2010 where I moved away and worked multiple jobs to save up for college. When I moved back a couple months later, people started to make remarks about my weight loss and what was I doing. I honestly didn't notice it until I started to wear my old clothes that were kind of baggy. At that moment I decided to weigh myself and the scale read 175, I couldn't believe it. After losing so much weight I still felt self conscious and decided that I would maintain my weigh by worki…

I Admire

I admire the man that was left homeless and still made a way to survive. The man that push himself day in and day out to get up early and took whatever life offered that day. The man that knew so much but was rarely taught. The man that watched and listened to learn the things he knew. The man that took the risk into leaving what he had always know to make a better life. The man that loved and cared for the child that wasn't biologically his. The man that was always so grateful. The man that provided for his family. The man that wouldn't eat so his family wouldn't starve. The man that gave when he didn't have much to give. The man that did favors but never wanted anything in return. The man that stayed humble....just humble.

Tell him

Have you ever just wanted to break all the rules that were said not to do? Well that is my current mood right now. I want to walk out of work and head to the airport where I would book a flight to Philadelphia, not caring that I would lose time by the different time zones. Once I arrive make the phone call that has been awaiting for years....tell him that I'm here. Confess that life hasn't been the same without him and that I never told him that I loved him because I was scared that he would play with my heart. Tell him that he has been the only one since the day that we met, the person I only saw creating a adventurous future together. Tell him that I have lived a lie saying that I'm completely over him and I have moved on. In which I have tried but for some reason I know that our ending wasn't the real ending. It could be that we were young and maybe unsure and that is what made it so imperfectly perfect. He wasn't the guy that I had dream of having forever with …

S**t Got Real In the Feelings...

I met him one night out with the girls, the night we went to go see Romeo Santos live in concert. To tell you the truth I felt like it was all planned, don't ask why..I just do.

The night was young and we were ready to see Romeo Santos, we had only been waiting for this moment for ever. We got dressed and met up with my other friend that lives in Dallas who was also attending the concert. After numerous hugs, selfies, crazy traffic and playing catching up we finally made it to the venue where we would sing out BIG hearts out with Romeo Santos. The concert was incredible and I could honestly say one of the top best I have attended! Trust me your girl likes her some concert action, YAS! Any who afterwards we ended up going to a Latin club where we ran into one of my friend's friend, Freddie, who was very nice and also had a HUGE crush on my girl, JoJo. They decided to go out and dance together while my other friend and I did the same too. As the night went by we were all having …

Mason Jar Project

I was offered a new position at my current job and of course I took it because change is always good. I must say that I love it very much, its been more then a month now and I knew I needed to update my desk area with color, life and organization. So I took the time to check out Pinterest and other websites to get my ideas flowing. Of course I already had something in mind but I needed the right things to make my thoughts come to life. As I noticed I was constantly looking at items that were Polk dots and gold. For some reason I love, LOVE the gold look in general. When it comes to jewelry I prefer gold over silver any day.

The more and more I looked through Pinterest, I noticed that most of the items I liked were purchased at certain stores or ordered online. Of course I was trying to work with a budget and not go too crazy with the items I wanted. I wanted colors that would relate to the company's colors but would also look some what classy. After finally deciding what theme I w…

Vale Sola Que Mal Acompañada

At the moment I am very frustrated with a certain person, my ex-boyfriend. I recently broke up with him last month and can honestly say I am VERY happy with life and the decision I made. We had been together for almost six months and I just felt that it was time to cut it. Throughout our relationship there was moments were we would agree with things but I constantly felt that we were disagreeing on things that we had already discussed. Of course it was harder for him to express himself so I would make time to make sure we spoke and discuss his thoughts and feelings. As our relationship continued I noticed that we had different outlooks on life. I also felt like I was putting most of the time and effort for our relationship to work. I even thought that maybe I was just being to pushy so of course I backed off. As time kept going I noticed that we were slowing falling apart from each other. That is when I thought of the fact of breaking up and just continue our own ways.

This past summe…

Let the Semester Begin

This week I started my last semester of my college journey, two more courses to finally have that expensive piece of paper that makes it official. In the past I use to have it made up in my mind that by this year I would have already graduated with maybe not even a job in my career field. Well, I'm happy to say it's the opposite of what I thought, God had it planned differently. I haven't graduated yet but I have 26 more course sessions, numerous nights of homework, two mid-terms and two finals to finally say, "Ya termine!" And to top it off I already have a job that was formed during my internship at a radio station, which I enjoy very much!

It use to both me that the people around me were graduating and yet here I was having to put off my graduation date, why, because of certain issues that of course I had no control over. I will mention that I did take a couple semesters off, which I'm VERY glad I did! At first it wasn't planned to have any semesters …


For some reason I have been on this high that I just can't seem to understand why. When I say high, I'm not talking about any drugs, or anything that you can take to get on cloud nine. I really just can't seem to understand what it is...could it be a certain emotion I feel after so long?

Well I am currently working multiple jobs which is keeping me extra busy, of course. A few days ago I decided to reunited with an old friend who I have known for most of my entire life. We did the regular catch up and dinner. I was happy to hear that she is doing good and has done some minor changes in her life which I feel that maybe we could come to get along again. Well that night we decided to have a girl's night out, who doesn't love girl time. We ended up going out to have a couple drinks and dancing the night away, which by the way I love to do! Anyways I hit a couple friends up so they could meet us there and we all seemed to have a blast. By the end end of the night I had …


Today is my birthday and I must say there has been better days than today. When I think of a birthday I think of cake, candles and the various voices that sing happy birthday to you. Not today, today I was surrounded by family who I hadn't seen in years or could even say that I met for the first time. You might ask what would bring us all together that wasn't a celebration, if you haven't thought of it...its the death of a loved one.

My Tio Tony passed away on Sunday after a tragic accident. I still can't seem to believe it but tomorrow it will probably hit me at his funeral. Earlier today my sisters and I went to the viewing where I approached my Tia and prima to expressed my condolences, even than I didn't believe it. I went and had a seat where I watched the slideshow of  the moments that were captured in the life of Tio Tony. All I could do was smile and think of how great of a person he was. He was always so happy with a huge smile on his face. I can honestly …

"If you don't like it, don't listen.."

Today I was doing some shopping at a local Ross here in Oklahoma. I was minding my own business until I heard these two ladies exchanging words. I wasn't for sure what was actually happening but I decided to be aware of what was going on just incase I needed to act upon the issue. Well one of the ladies was an older mid-50's and she was complaining about the fact that there was some foreigners that were speaking in their native language. "We are in American, they don't need to speak that language here," said the lady. Well the other lady was about mid-30's and she replied, " well they are free to speak whatever they like, if you don't like it than don't listen." They continued to exchange words and of course the older lady was very upset and decided to walk away while mumbling things. The last thing that I heard was "and I bet you are for Trump as well."

After seeing these individuals exchanged words, I stood there thinking about …

Tornado Tuesday

As I sit here surrounded by my family watching and hearing the news makes me feel some type of way. You might say this girl is crazy blogging while she has a tornado coming her way but we are in the clear for now. Thank goodness. Well when we were getting ready to head to my sister's house, because she has tornado shelter, I had the kids in the car and turns out it was to late for us to leave. I went ahead and took out the kids and my family and I just stood in the living room watching the news. It was only a few streets away and my heart just dropped, a lot of things started running through my head.

Back home when we would be in tornado watch my dad would gather my brothers, sisters and I in the living room and we would pray until it was over. And I don't care what anyone says but every time we would pray the tornado always seem to turn around and not hit us. My parents have a huge faith in God and are loyal Christians.

I went back into the house and needed to be away from …

My long lost love...

For the most part we have all  had our first love or will soon experience it. Does that mean that you will marry this special person and live happily ever after? Well for me that wasn't the case, I honestly think that God brought this individual to me to become a better person and enjoy life to the fullest. If it hasn't clicked in your head than I'll just tell you that we didn't get married and lived happily ever after.

For college credit you must take a physical education course so I enrolled in cardio and each visit to the gym I had to punch in. Well one day I was punching in and I felt someone staring at me. By the way, am I the only one that feels people staring? Anyways I looked around and I noticed a tall, well built, serious and very cute guy looking at me, he didn't smile nor did I. After that day I started to notice him at the gym the following days, of course he was always around a group of guys so I would always see them. Well one day two of the guys th…

First timer at Del Taco...

Today I decided to try Del Taco for the first time. Let me say there is always a first time for everything, well they say.

Well back about a year ago I met a guy that was super excited that a Del Taco had opened down the street from the university. I remember that we were in class and it was about the time for lunch so of course that was the subject at that moment. It always seems that people always ask for my opinion to a place that serves "Mexican" food but little do they understand there is a difference. When you ask me for a recommendation about where to get some bomb dot com tacos, I will say a place that is authentic, like no doubt. I'd invite you to my mami's cocina but she doesn't live here so that's not an option. The guy argued that Del Taco had the BEST 'Mexican' Tacos he's had. I than later said, that you my friend have NEVER had a real taco if you consider those real "Mexican" tacos.

Well I go into this Del Taco place to se…

Buen Dia, Ramon

Last night I saw the movie Buen Dia Ramon and let me say that I really, really liked it. In the movie they speak in three different languages but you can always put subtitles. I honestly didn't mind reading the subtitles for the most part.

The movie is about a young Mexican guy who travels to Germany to live with his friend's aunt but later isn't able to locate her. Since that was his only hope, he has to live on the street, where he faces a bleak future until he meets Ruth. Ruth is an 80 year old woman who gives him a hand and they develop a close bond.

After seeing this movie it only reminded me of what half of the immigrants have to go through to survive. I'm a daughter of immigrants and I will forever be proud to say it, it's thanks to them that I have a better opportunity for life. This is a great example of what people have to live and deal with when leaving their country. The place that is known as HOME later becomes a memory because they have taken the risk…

Just Peachy

"I think sharing ideas and the things we love with each other makes the world a little peachier."
I really don't follow much blogs but I really encourage you all to go check out 'Just Peachy' by Chia Habte.

I had an assignment in my Blogging  for Journalists course and I thought she would be a greater blogger to talk about. She talks about beauty, relationships, travel and other things as well. Well I guess I can say a little bit of everything. I came across her blog because I am a fan of her boyfriend that is a YouTube sensation, Timothy Delaghetto. Anyways back to "Just Peachy" I admire the fact that even on top of her full-time career, long-distance relationship and busy life, she still has time to blog as a hobby. I also like the fact that her blogs are very easy to read and very well organize. Also if you have any questions you are more than welcome to ask her in her Chat with Chia page.

Only ones

"The greatest riches a man could have in his life is familia."
Today is National Siblings' Day, so what better yet to talk about my crazy, bilingual, loud, black hair and brown eyed siblings. Well isn't that some type of way to describe them...but it's true. Well first of all there is seven of us so you could only imagine how it gets when we are all together. This is probably where you are thinking  the thought that "only Mexicans" have so many siblings!! So here it goes....

The oldest also known as 'La Chaparra' which explains her height...she's short. She's not even that short but since she is the oldest and we are all taller than her I guess she's consider short. Well anyways let me tell you about her she can be a headache with her rebellious ways but she can also be hilarious because Lord knows she has her days!! She's a hoot!!! She is also the one that everyone considers 'la que tiene los niños' in other words the one …

LIVE Not So Ready

Today was the day I chose to go live and let me tell you it didn't go as I thought it would. I knew what I was going to say from the top of my head but for some reason once I turned on the mic I went blank. So of course I tried to play it off but that didn't go smooth at all, which allowed me to get even more nervous of the situation. Well once I was off air that is when I'm informed that I had said the wrong information and that is when I felt this HUGE tension come over me.

I have always avoided the situation of being in front of the camera or anything on camera. I have always been camera shy for the most part of my life and HATED public speaking with a passion!! So of course I told myself that I would choose a career where I wouldn't have to do any of that. Well how about we fast forward to years later where I am now doing an internship for a radio station. Why, you might ask? Well I decided that I no longer wanted to do anything in the criminal justice field and fe…

21 Years Later Her Music Still Lives....

Today marks the 21st anniversary of the death of  the most talented and beautiful Selena Quintanilla. Even after so many years, Selena's music is still making it big in the Latin music industry. She might not be here physically but her memory forever stays with us, her fans.

Selena Quintanilla was known to be the "Queen of Tejano," a type of music that was very popular throughout southern Texas. Selena was born on April 16, 1971 in Lake Jackson, Texas and made her recording debut in the 80s', where later she became an award-winning recording artist in the Latin music. She has popular albums such as Amor Prohibido and Dreaming of You. It was around the age of 9 when Selena's father discovered her talent for singing. He than formed a band where Selena was the main singer, her brother A.B. Quintanilla on the bass and her sister Suzette Quintanilla on drums. The group became Los Dinos, which was a band that Abraham Quintanilla, Selena's father, was in the 1950s a…

Tomorrow's Monday....

It's official, Spring Break has come to an end....sadly but surely. I honestly was looking forward to being able to clear half of my to do list and catching up on some Z's but of course that wasn't the case. Other important things came up that took a great amount of my time and energy but I enjoyed it. Things such as opportunities, which are not always offered so when you get the chance, take it! I was also able to spend some quality time with my family and even my little brother came to visit for a couple of days. Y claro, comi muy bien....mami y papi made some tamales de puerco con chile rojo.

Spring Break flew on by and now to get back to focusing on finishing up the semester and giving it my all. I can honestly say that my count down has officially started, seven more weeks until the summer break! I would be much more excited to say that I'm also graduating in seven weeks but that isn't the case. Of course I wasn't able to get into two of the courses I need …

I Can't

So it has come to my attention that I'm very picky when it comes to guys. Well than again, who isn't? Many say it's all about the inside, don't go for the looks and blah, blah, blah. Well it's not that I'm over looking that or say it's wrong but I have certain outlooks about ''my dude.'' So I have decided to name some of the turn-offs that I have towards those guys I thought were cute but are no longer so attractive to me because of physical outlooks.

First of all, I have nothing against a guy that is well-groomed, the more the better honey boo boo. Pero if his eyebrows look better than mine than there is a problem. I'm not going to lie, I love to have my eyebrows on point of course, but if my dude is going to have his better than mine, I can't. I really don't have an explanation about why this is but it's a turn-off for me.

Since I'm talking about well-groomed, I will have to say that the next turn-off is body odor. The …

February Favorites

What a better way to start March by sharing my favorites of February! I feel that there were many things that I felt that I constantly had to have! It was the type que esta bien ricoooo, que tienes que tener MAS porque una vez no lo hace. Most of these items are just random things nothing special or out of the here goes. So the first item on my list would have to be the Birthday Cake Shake from Braum's. Ay Dios Mio, it will change your life, no doubt! It's a sugar rush of sweetness with chunks of birthday cake. I freaking love cake y mas si es birthday cake pero ahora en helado? OMG, no pues wow! I honestly went in today to actually buy the ice cream but of course they were out so it might just be a popular item but not sure.
The next item is my Cake Batter Chap Stick! When I first saw it at Wal-Mart I was like no freaking way!! I sure did buy it and it was only 99 cents! I doesn't taste anything like birthday cake for those that care to know but it smells so…

That Trip to the Funeral Home. . .

"Death is important to those that have to go through it," B. Matthews

Well tonight I had a class field trip to a funeral home and it wasn't so bad. You're probably thinking, who in the world calls visiting a funeral home a field trip? Well that is what it said on the I'm just going with it. When I first entered the funeral home, I felt this tension in my body where I became very uncomfortable being there. Once the rest of my classmates showed up, the owner Barbara Matthews went ahead and presented herself. By this point I totally had forgotten we were in a funeral home and felt no tension. Mrs. Matthews provided a great amount of information that I had never known about funeral services but than again I had never looked into it.

Before this visit I never really showed an appreciate to the people that manage the funeral services. In the past I have attended different funerals, nothing to be proud of but I have always felt that the funeral services peo…

A Brief Run Down with Thoughts | Busco Novio Para Mi Mujer

Last night I went to go watch Busco Novio Para Mi Mujer. Les dejo saber que when it comes to a relationship, communication is the main keep point. I'm not a relationship expert pero's come sense.

Well the movie is about a man (Paco) that is fed up with his nagging and nitpicking wife (Dana). So he decides to hire the man, "El Taiger"to seduce his wife so she can break off the marriage. Why, because he can't seem to communicate with his wife about how he really feels. Ni tiene los huevos para decirle que se quiere separar...

It Was Only Twenty Bucks

So I enjoy going shopping and especially if there is sales, discounts and coupons to use. So I thought that I would spend wisely by making the decision of taking money out of my account instead of just sliding the card. For me it's easier to slide and go instead of having cash and keeping up with how much I'm spending.

Well Sunday my sister and I went to the Metropolitan book sale that was going on over the weekend. I decided to only take out $20 and only spend that or less because I'm not a huge book reader but if I find something that's interesting you better bet your nalgas I'm going to read it. So we go to this book sale where you have a great variety of numerous books, cds, dvds, cassettes, records, magazines, and many more. Well I honestly just went to check out the music and to "look around." Well I ended up buying five books and two cds for only $4.50. Muy bueno, que no! Now that's what I'm talking about! I never really get excited about b…

Threading to the Arch

Today, yesterday and the day before that, I got complimented about my eyebrows and I have decided to share with you, my secret. Oh my gosh Yess **Gabriel Iglesias voice**
Well first of all I like to mention that I was born with natural THICK eyebrows and having a strict father didn't help. Why, because he didn't like the fact of tweezing, waxing or anything of that sort. So it wasn't until the summer before freshman year that I decided to shave some of my eyebrows off and as time went by I would tweeze so much that my eyebrows became uneven. **Shaking my head** Yet no one ever tried to help me because I just wouldn't have it if you did try. Honey boo boo you couldn't tell me anything because for me, they were on point! **Snapping fingers** Of course my father wasn't pleased with my "new look" but like any other teen I really didn't care. 

Finally after moving out and away from home, my eyebrows started to grow back because the lack of attention. Tha…

Top 10 You Should Have Heard Of

Ay mi madre, it has come to my attention that I don't have any followers that are Spanish speakers, so what better yet to share with you a list of songs that I think YOU should have heard or known of, even after the fact that you might not understand it. I honestly believe that you don't have to understand la musica to feel the rhythm so here goes.

I listed these songs by oldest to let's see how much sabor tienes en la musica Español. Ay vamos..yeahh buddy!

1. Bidi Bidi Bom Bom - Selena Quintanilla

2. Gasolina - Daddy Yankee

3. Toma - Pitbull ft. Lil Jon

4. Rompe - Daddy Yankee

5. Bandolero - Don Omar ft. Tego Calderon

6. Danza Kuduro - Don Omar

7. Bailando - Enrique Iglesias

8. Ay Vamos - J Balvin

9. Perdon -Nicky Jam

10. Ginza - J Balvin