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She knows that everything she touches will get corrupted but yet she gives to flying f***s about it. She says that she is lonely but who are those that listen to her when she's down, who are those that want her to succeed, who are those that push her day in and out. Are those individuals not counted for? She's says that life is unfair but yet she has a family, food and shelter. The thing is that we get caught up in the society and become ungrateful. How could you say that life is unfair when you are capable of you taking your own actions. You are able to succeed as much as anyone else around you. The thing is that you just don't want it enough to actually have it.


For some reason I just wanted to type so here I am. . . I didn't even think about what I would write about today but I figured I would surprise myself. I'd say the public but I know many people won't read this so whatever. As I sit here thinking about random thoughts that come to my mind...weight seems to repeat in my mind.

When I was in high school I was about 5'5 and weighed 215 lbs. never did I feel like I was BIG... As the years went by the weight stayed balanced. It wasn't until summer 2010 where I moved away and worked multiple jobs to save up for college. When I moved back a couple months later, people started to make remarks about my weight loss and what was I doing. I honestly didn't notice it until I started to wear my old clothes that were kind of baggy. At that moment I decided to weigh myself and the scale read 175, I couldn't believe it. After losing so much weight I still felt self conscious and decided that I would maintain my weigh by worki…