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Today is my birthday and I must say there has been better days than today. When I think of a birthday I think of cake, candles and the various voices that sing happy birthday to you. Not today, today I was surrounded by family who I hadn't seen in years or could even say that I met for the first time. You might ask what would bring us all together that wasn't a celebration, if you haven't thought of it...its the death of a loved one.

My Tio Tony passed away on Sunday after a tragic accident. I still can't seem to believe it but tomorrow it will probably hit me at his funeral. Earlier today my sisters and I went to the viewing where I approached my Tia and prima to expressed my condolences, even than I didn't believe it. I went and had a seat where I watched the slideshow of  the moments that were captured in the life of Tio Tony. All I could do was smile and think of how great of a person he was. He was always so happy with a huge smile on his face. I can honestly …

"If you don't like it, don't listen.."

Today I was doing some shopping at a local Ross here in Oklahoma. I was minding my own business until I heard these two ladies exchanging words. I wasn't for sure what was actually happening but I decided to be aware of what was going on just incase I needed to act upon the issue. Well one of the ladies was an older mid-50's and she was complaining about the fact that there was some foreigners that were speaking in their native language. "We are in American, they don't need to speak that language here," said the lady. Well the other lady was about mid-30's and she replied, " well they are free to speak whatever they like, if you don't like it than don't listen." They continued to exchange words and of course the older lady was very upset and decided to walk away while mumbling things. The last thing that I heard was "and I bet you are for Trump as well."

After seeing these individuals exchanged words, I stood there thinking about …