Too fluffy for a piercing

I usually seem to do some random shit at times, it's not a every day type of thing.....maybe every blue moon. Well a few nights ago I got off early and made my way home,  as I arrived I noticed that no one seemed to be home so I decided that I would make me some dinner and watch my telenovela. Then I realized that it was finished and I had already seen the finale so a random thought came to my mind. How about that piercing? And that is what happened I drove down to the place that I had done multiple research about I thought about the piercing that was about to take place. Una locura que solamente se me occure. I will say that I was nervous but I wasn't going to let that change my mind. This was probably my second time in a tattoo/piercing shop and let's just say I felt like a piece of meat for the group of workers there....just the way they all stared as I walked in. I decided that I would go ahead and get two piercing my main one was my navel and the second option was a tragus piercing. Of course I was nervous because I never knew of anyone that was fluffy to go get their bellybutton pierced but I was willing to be the first if that was the case. I informed that girl that I was there to get the tragus piercing and mentioned that I was also interested in getting my belly button pierced. She asked me to show my belly button to the tattoo artist which I kind of felt violated. Like hello there are people around can you take me into a separate room..? So there I stood showing my bellybutton to this man, other employees and customers and  then tells me that if it's up to him he wouldn't pierce. He said that due to the way my bellybutton is formed it would cause pressure when I sat down because the piercing would go in deeper. I honestly took it as...'look here young lady you are chunky and shouldn't get a piercing there.' I was very upset with his comment and decided to only get the tragus piercing. So another tattoo artist takes me back and explains the whole process to me and also the do's and don'ts. I honestly don't remember his name or better yet don't think he presented himself...but he was a very cool, laid back type of guy and not bad looking. I felt bad because he was like legitness and I forgot to tip him. I was in the process of getting my things and cash when he asked if I had any questions or concerns and totally threw me off. *Shaking my head* We exchanged some words and went on with my business....still upset about the bellybutton comment. I told myself that I'll be back to get that piercing, yes I will probably have to lose a great amount of weight but I'm determine. I can't say when but that is something I'll do. I promise.


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