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Tornado Tuesday

As I sit here surrounded by my family watching and hearing the news makes me feel some type of way. You might say this girl is crazy blogging while she has a tornado coming her way but we are in the clear for now. Thank goodness. Well when we were getting ready to head to my sister's house, because she has tornado shelter, I had the kids in the car and turns out it was to late for us to leave. I went ahead and took out the kids and my family and I just stood in the living room watching the news. It was only a few streets away and my heart just dropped, a lot of things started running through my head.

Back home when we would be in tornado watch my dad would gather my brothers, sisters and I in the living room and we would pray until it was over. And I don't care what anyone says but every time we would pray the tornado always seem to turn around and not hit us. My parents have a huge faith in God and are loyal Christians.

I went back into the house and needed to be away from …

My long lost love...

For the most part we have all  had our first love or will soon experience it. Does that mean that you will marry this special person and live happily ever after? Well for me that wasn't the case, I honestly think that God brought this individual to me to become a better person and enjoy life to the fullest. If it hasn't clicked in your head than I'll just tell you that we didn't get married and lived happily ever after.

For college credit you must take a physical education course so I enrolled in cardio and each visit to the gym I had to punch in. Well one day I was punching in and I felt someone staring at me. By the way, am I the only one that feels people staring? Anyways I looked around and I noticed a tall, well built, serious and very cute guy looking at me, he didn't smile nor did I. After that day I started to notice him at the gym the following days, of course he was always around a group of guys so I would always see them. Well one day two of the guys th…

First timer at Del Taco...

Today I decided to try Del Taco for the first time. Let me say there is always a first time for everything, well they say.

Well back about a year ago I met a guy that was super excited that a Del Taco had opened down the street from the university. I remember that we were in class and it was about the time for lunch so of course that was the subject at that moment. It always seems that people always ask for my opinion to a place that serves "Mexican" food but little do they understand there is a difference. When you ask me for a recommendation about where to get some bomb dot com tacos, I will say a place that is authentic, like no doubt. I'd invite you to my mami's cocina but she doesn't live here so that's not an option. The guy argued that Del Taco had the BEST 'Mexican' Tacos he's had. I than later said, that you my friend have NEVER had a real taco if you consider those real "Mexican" tacos.

Well I go into this Del Taco place to se…

Buen Dia, Ramon

Last night I saw the movie Buen Dia Ramon and let me say that I really, really liked it. In the movie they speak in three different languages but you can always put subtitles. I honestly didn't mind reading the subtitles for the most part.

The movie is about a young Mexican guy who travels to Germany to live with his friend's aunt but later isn't able to locate her. Since that was his only hope, he has to live on the street, where he faces a bleak future until he meets Ruth. Ruth is an 80 year old woman who gives him a hand and they develop a close bond.

After seeing this movie it only reminded me of what half of the immigrants have to go through to survive. I'm a daughter of immigrants and I will forever be proud to say it, it's thanks to them that I have a better opportunity for life. This is a great example of what people have to live and deal with when leaving their country. The place that is known as HOME later becomes a memory because they have taken the risk…

Just Peachy

"I think sharing ideas and the things we love with each other makes the world a little peachier."
I really don't follow much blogs but I really encourage you all to go check out 'Just Peachy' by Chia Habte.

I had an assignment in my Blogging  for Journalists course and I thought she would be a greater blogger to talk about. She talks about beauty, relationships, travel and other things as well. Well I guess I can say a little bit of everything. I came across her blog because I am a fan of her boyfriend that is a YouTube sensation, Timothy Delaghetto. Anyways back to "Just Peachy" I admire the fact that even on top of her full-time career, long-distance relationship and busy life, she still has time to blog as a hobby. I also like the fact that her blogs are very easy to read and very well organize. Also if you have any questions you are more than welcome to ask her in her Chat with Chia page.

Only ones

"The greatest riches a man could have in his life is familia."
Today is National Siblings' Day, so what better yet to talk about my crazy, bilingual, loud, black hair and brown eyed siblings. Well isn't that some type of way to describe them...but it's true. Well first of all there is seven of us so you could only imagine how it gets when we are all together. This is probably where you are thinking  the thought that "only Mexicans" have so many siblings!! So here it goes....

The oldest also known as 'La Chaparra' which explains her height...she's short. She's not even that short but since she is the oldest and we are all taller than her I guess she's consider short. Well anyways let me tell you about her she can be a headache with her rebellious ways but she can also be hilarious because Lord knows she has her days!! She's a hoot!!! She is also the one that everyone considers 'la que tiene los niños' in other words the one …

LIVE Not So Ready

Today was the day I chose to go live and let me tell you it didn't go as I thought it would. I knew what I was going to say from the top of my head but for some reason once I turned on the mic I went blank. So of course I tried to play it off but that didn't go smooth at all, which allowed me to get even more nervous of the situation. Well once I was off air that is when I'm informed that I had said the wrong information and that is when I felt this HUGE tension come over me.

I have always avoided the situation of being in front of the camera or anything on camera. I have always been camera shy for the most part of my life and HATED public speaking with a passion!! So of course I told myself that I would choose a career where I wouldn't have to do any of that. Well how about we fast forward to years later where I am now doing an internship for a radio station. Why, you might ask? Well I decided that I no longer wanted to do anything in the criminal justice field and fe…