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Just for a mango smoothie. . .

When I first moved to the city I loved the fact that if I craved anything I could get up and go. As for the place I use to live in didn't have varies options. So one day I wanted a smoothie, better yet a strawberry and banana one. So I went to this random place that I had always driven by called Tropical Smoothie. As I enter there was a teenage boy standing at the register where he greeted me and I did the same. Even though I knew what I wanted I still checked out the menu to see what other options I had. That is when I saw "Mango Magic" never had I seen any mango flavor smoothies, well at least here in Oklahoma.  So I go ahead and tell him that I want Mango magic and this is how it goes.
Me: Yes, can I please have the mango magic. (Saying mango in Spanish, it's just habit.)
Boy: We don't have that.
Me: Umm, you don't? Well it's on your menu.
Boy: No we don't sell that.
Me: Umm, I think you do.
Boy: No we don't have that.
Me: Well it's on your menu!


Bienvenidos, to my blog where you will read about my life experiences about being young, Mexican and bilingual. Moments where my accent is sometimes hard to understand or random moments in my life that only a few can relate....or at least I think some can relate. Any moments such as telling a story in English to only finish it up in Spanish. Asi es mi vida, pretty much. Do expect the unexpected, porque conmigo nunca se sabe. Orale pues, until next time.