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Let the Semester Begin

This week I started my last semester of my college journey, two more courses to finally have that expensive piece of paper that makes it official. In the past I use to have it made up in my mind that by this year I would have already graduated with maybe not even a job in my career field. Well, I'm happy to say it's the opposite of what I thought, God had it planned differently. I haven't graduated yet but I have 26 more course sessions, numerous nights of homework, two mid-terms and two finals to finally say, "Ya termine!" And to top it off I already have a job that was formed during my internship at a radio station, which I enjoy very much!

It use to both me that the people around me were graduating and yet here I was having to put off my graduation date, why, because of certain issues that of course I had no control over. I will mention that I did take a couple semesters off, which I'm VERY glad I did! At first it wasn't planned to have any semesters …


For some reason I have been on this high that I just can't seem to understand why. When I say high, I'm not talking about any drugs, or anything that you can take to get on cloud nine. I really just can't seem to understand what it is...could it be a certain emotion I feel after so long?

Well I am currently working multiple jobs which is keeping me extra busy, of course. A few days ago I decided to reunited with an old friend who I have known for most of my entire life. We did the regular catch up and dinner. I was happy to hear that she is doing good and has done some minor changes in her life which I feel that maybe we could come to get along again. Well that night we decided to have a girl's night out, who doesn't love girl time. We ended up going out to have a couple drinks and dancing the night away, which by the way I love to do! Anyways I hit a couple friends up so they could meet us there and we all seemed to have a blast. By the end end of the night I had …