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I Admire

I admire the man that was left homeless and still made a way to survive. The man that push himself day in and day out to get up early and took whatever life offered that day. The man that knew so much but was rarely taught. The man that watched and listened to learn the things he knew. The man that took the risk into leaving what he had always know to make a better life. The man that loved and cared for the child that wasn't biologically his. The man that was always so grateful. The man that provided for his family. The man that wouldn't eat so his family wouldn't starve. The man that gave when he didn't have much to give. The man that did favors but never wanted anything in return. The man that stayed humble....just humble.

Tell him

Have you ever just wanted to break all the rules that were said not to do? Well that is my current mood right now. I want to walk out of work and head to the airport where I would book a flight to Philadelphia, not caring that I would lose time by the different time zones. Once I arrive make the phone call that has been awaiting for years....tell him that I'm here. Confess that life hasn't been the same without him and that I never told him that I loved him because I was scared that he would play with my heart. Tell him that he has been the only one since the day that we met, the person I only saw creating a adventurous future together. Tell him that I have lived a lie saying that I'm completely over him and I have moved on. In which I have tried but for some reason I know that our ending wasn't the real ending. It could be that we were young and maybe unsure and that is what made it so imperfectly perfect. He wasn't the guy that I had dream of having forever with …

S**t Got Real In the Feelings...

I met him one night out with the girls, the night we went to go see Romeo Santos live in concert. To tell you the truth I felt like it was all planned, don't ask why..I just do.

The night was young and we were ready to see Romeo Santos, we had only been waiting for this moment for ever. We got dressed and met up with my other friend that lives in Dallas who was also attending the concert. After numerous hugs, selfies, crazy traffic and playing catching up we finally made it to the venue where we would sing out BIG hearts out with Romeo Santos. The concert was incredible and I could honestly say one of the top best I have attended! Trust me your girl likes her some concert action, YAS! Any who afterwards we ended up going to a Latin club where we ran into one of my friend's friend, Freddie, who was very nice and also had a HUGE crush on my girl, JoJo. They decided to go out and dance together while my other friend and I did the same too. As the night went by we were all having …

Mason Jar Project

I was offered a new position at my current job and of course I took it because change is always good. I must say that I love it very much, its been more then a month now and I knew I needed to update my desk area with color, life and organization. So I took the time to check out Pinterest and other websites to get my ideas flowing. Of course I already had something in mind but I needed the right things to make my thoughts come to life. As I noticed I was constantly looking at items that were Polk dots and gold. For some reason I love, LOVE the gold look in general. When it comes to jewelry I prefer gold over silver any day.

The more and more I looked through Pinterest, I noticed that most of the items I liked were purchased at certain stores or ordered online. Of course I was trying to work with a budget and not go too crazy with the items I wanted. I wanted colors that would relate to the company's colors but would also look some what classy. After finally deciding what theme I w…

Vale Sola Que Mal Acompañada

At the moment I am very frustrated with a certain person, my ex-boyfriend. I recently broke up with him last month and can honestly say I am VERY happy with life and the decision I made. We had been together for almost six months and I just felt that it was time to cut it. Throughout our relationship there was moments were we would agree with things but I constantly felt that we were disagreeing on things that we had already discussed. Of course it was harder for him to express himself so I would make time to make sure we spoke and discuss his thoughts and feelings. As our relationship continued I noticed that we had different outlooks on life. I also felt like I was putting most of the time and effort for our relationship to work. I even thought that maybe I was just being to pushy so of course I backed off. As time kept going I noticed that we were slowing falling apart from each other. That is when I thought of the fact of breaking up and just continue our own ways.

This past summe…