What's your credit score?

The most asked question this year so far has been "what does it feel like to graduate?"

Well I'll tell you that it's much more relaxing not having to worry about classes and school work. It hasn't really hit me that I have completed my college journey yet, I guess it will once I receive my diploma.

What has been currently on my mind is the car issue I'm in right now. That is actually what is causing my stress that I had once given up but obviously you can only control some much. So the week of finals my car started acting up so of course I got it checked and what I thought got fixed wasn't the problem. About a week ago as I was arriving to work, my car shut off completely and I wasn't for sure why. I had recently bought a new battery a couple days before and now I was car less. I got my brother to take a look at it and what we thought could be the problem didn't seem to be it. So I decide to have it check by the "professional'' so I got it towed to a shop who later informed me that it was my motor. This was actually one of the thoughts my brother had and man did I pray that it was it, well it was. The mechanic informed me that it would cost me $8,000 to buy a new motor or I could go with a used for $5,000. *Faints* CHEESE -N- RICE!! I know, I know....it gave me a heart attack too. *Shaking my head* He did advice me that I would be better off with buying a new car and I agreed, there wasn't no way I was about to spit out eight grand!!! I had only been paying off my tuition so I wouldn't have a debt after graduation so I wasn't saving off like I had in the past.

When I was teenager I remember my father speaking about credit cards and that it's better to not get involved with them because you are left in debt. I also remember him talking about, if it was a necessity it was okay to get one but don't just get one to go on a shopping spree. So of course I just decided that if I wanted something that I would save up and when the time came that I had the money I could go purchase it. My father had also mention that if you don't have the money to spend then don' be spending so obvious I took that advice and only purchased what I felt I could afford. So fast forward the years to present and I'm stuck in a bubble because my credit card isn't high enough to take out a loan. In my entire life I have only taking out two loans but it was small loans that I paid off before the 6 month period and which I thought would help me build my credit and it did but not too much. So I would like to advice those that have not started looking into building that credit score start now so when the time comes that you have to take out a loan you have the ability to do it. Not only that but you won't have such a high interest rate to go off of.


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